Saturday, January 10, 2009

The First

It's done. I've moved off of Typepad and am now free-blogging. It feels nice to do that. To tell the truth, I started with Blogger, but then saw how cool other people's blogs were with Typepad and wanted to move over. 

Now that Facebook has taken over everyone's life, I don't need to blog anymore. You already know my status and where to find me half the time, right?

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with writing. As you know, there's a little one on the way and coming up soon, so I may have hiatus for a while...only time can tell. Part of me leaving my old blog I think is my nesting taking over. Just a little LOT has it taken over.

Just ask my husband. Literally, as the new year set in, I started becoming this "we have to get this all done NOW" type of person. I'm even driving myself a little nuts with this urgency to have everything in place. But every now and again, the sane me comes back and reassures it will all get done. Everything gets done and works itself out. Can't fight it. 

Oh and for my name, I have hung up my Betty Rocker hat for an old nickname, Carlita's Way. I'll still be letting you know about music and all that good stuff...a change will do me good!

Come back and check on me once in a while, ya hear?

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