Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Best Baby Crap Worth Buying: Part I

It's been said so many times--- babies come with A LOT of gear.  And that gear has a bunch of funny names that make older sisters and grandmas scratch their heads and say "They didn't have ANY of this stuff when we had our babies..." and they follow it up in jest  "How did we ever survive?"

The last ten years, moms have been making rich coming up with really genius baby stuff that have made life a little easier for other moms and babes. I sit around all day thinking of things I could invent for baby, but it seems like they've all been taken. This is probably not true- there's still baby inventions to be made, but while I wait for that next big idea that will allow me to quit my day job, here are some of the baby inventions that make my life easier and I'm pretty sure I can't do without.

If you're a future mom and not sure what's worth registering for, here's what I've found pretty important. And for those of you having to go to Baby showers and you're not sure what to buy, this might offer some help/translation.

Boppy- I'm pretty sure this is what started the whole baby invention enterprise. Some mom was tired of propping her baby up on a soft pillow and decided to make a "U" shaped pillow that helps with nursing and keeping baby from falling over. I registered for one, ended up looking for two more after I had Abby so that I could have one in every room I fed her in. That way, I didn't have haul a boppy and a baby around from room to room. After baby is asleep, it makes a great laptop rest or headrest/pillow when TV watching. Totally worth every penny. Much jealously goes to the inventor of this one.

Bumbo- My only complaint about the Bumbo is that they don't make these for adults. I am strangely compelled to sit in it. Just looks so cushy and secure. I've heard people say this is a short lived baby item, but hey- it's outlasted our bassinet in terms of use. Abby is still too small for a high chair, so we use this for feeding. It's also been great when she wants to be upright, but I can't hold her, so she can sit in it while I get things ready. Like her breakfast.

Snugglenest- When I first saw ads about the Snugglenest, the baby bed you put IN your bed, I laughed. I thought it was going to be a little too close for comfort, but you know what? It's genius. It not only prevents you from rolling over on your newborn while you sleep, but it's a convenient bed to bring along on trips. When baby fusses, you can reach right over and put a hand on her to calm her down. No reaching down into a bassinet or a huge pack and play. Just easy, co-sleeping. It also comes with an LCD light on the top that plays a lullaby or that wooshing sound babies dig so much. I sometimes wish she still fit into it.

Travel Systems- Travel systems include an infant car seat that fits into a base in the car and also a compatible stroller. It eliminates the need to take baby out of the car seat, into a stroller. It all just snaps together for easy carrying. I'm dreading the day Abby outgrows this and I have to take her in and out of the car seat. They are expensive, but worth it. A great, appreciated gift to chip in on.

Rock a Bye Baby! Lullaby Collection- A really great gift for the music loving, expecting parents. Just when you thought Metallica was the farthest thing from helping you sleep; This company makes lullabies of songs from popular bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Beach Boys, The Pixies, Bob Marley, Nirvana and more. With the lights out, it's contagious.

Baby 411- When we first came home with Abby, I was naturally, exhausted. Wiped out and had no clue of what to expect as a new parent. I neglected to do a lot of research ahead of time and I was too tired to read up on anything. But I had Baby 411. I nicknamed this the Cliff Notes for Babies. Our friends tipped us off to this book, which has been a really quick, but super informative reference tool for anything baby in the first year. Much better, faster read than "What to Expect..." and gives you everything you need to know from the minute baby comes home to sleep, eating, health and development patterns. Even at 8 months old, I still refer to it at least once a week for info on my girl.

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