Wednesday, June 16, 2010

That Little Love of Mine

It's kind of ridiculous how much I love my girl. Even more ridiculous that she'll be 15 months tomorrow. And even MORE ridiculous that in a weekend, her brain started to emerge more than before. I'm pretty sure when she woke up on Sunday, her head even grew a little because that brain got smarter.

She started to walk about 2 steps and by Monday, she was walking 4 steps- back and forth to Grandma and Grandpa. Ask her to get you the "bear" or the "dog" and she trots over, picks it up and hands it up. Points to pictures and says "Nonna" (grandma) or "Da!" (dad) and even "Ba!" (Bella, the dog)

I've heard "more", "mama", "shoe" and "row row row", when we read and sing Row Row Row Your Boat.

Even at this age, she's starting to accessorize with drapes of necklaces (with supervision!), hats and sunglasses. Would keep them on all day and night if she could. I wonder what's that all about because I am not really a fashionista.

And the mimicking never gets old. Definitely makes me think twice about what I do and say. I've moved off using the "F" word to saying "Foop". Foop is the new "F*&K" in my house.

Yep, so I'm pretty proud of this little one. Growing fast, but growing smart. And I'm pretty sure all mom's say that about their babies, but I can't help but beam over it.

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