Saturday, August 14, 2010

Urp Cloths

Inspired by all those wonderfully creative Esty folk and lonely, housebound Saturday nights, I pulled out the sewing machine and decided to start making stuff. I'm a very, very novice sewer right now, but I get excited when I can stick two pieces of fabric together and it turns into something functional.

These easy Urp Cloths® make great baby gifts for showers, or baby welcome gifts. My friends were impressed with my new domestic talent, but hey, it was a cinch to do.

Making Urp Cloths
1. Buy Gerber cloth diapers
2. Buy Fabric
3. Sew fabric down the middle of the diaper. 

What I like about making my own Urp Cloths, instead of buying them is you can pick out your own fabric and it doesn't have to be all babylike. Be bold! Be Whimsy!  You'll find the Urp Cloths made with cloth diapers are so much more durable than premade store bought ones.

Easy, creative, personal, fashionable and functional all in one.

Exactly how I like life to be.

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  1. carla - something for your lonely saturday nights.. - totally inspiring, made me ask for a sewing machine for my birthday.. wanna start a sewing club? xx