Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The New Kid.

Whoah, it's been a while since I've been on here. Time is just passing way to quickly.

Here are the Cliff Notes on my absence;  I was eating for two since last year and finally had a big baby boy, Bennett on June 1st.  We are so thrilled to have had a healthy baby and Abby is being a great big sister. She just wishes Bennett would "wake up" so she can play with him.

Did I mention he was big? A whopping 9 lbs 6oz. Now, he has nothing on that 14 pounder that was born a few months prior, but hey, that totally explains why I felt like I was carrying a hippo sitting on my crotch during the last trimester. He was a c-section; something I hadn't planned on having since everyone told me that the 2nd baby deliveries are easier and just "fall out". BTW, if anyone ever tells you that, they lie. Everyone is different. I know I was!

Before he was even born, people were asking if we plan on having more children. I can't believe people even ask that! The second one is still baking people! Let's cross that bridge at another time, shall we?

My first reaction to having a boy was "What am I going to do with all these cute girl clothes?"--- it's kind of a sad thought really. No more little girl clothes. Boys are just a different story with a different wardrobe. Unless we can pass him off him pink for the next few years??

More to come later. I really thought that being a mom would throw me into boredom and have me keep a blog on a regular basis, but I haven't had the time or ideas to keep this blog going, but I'm going to try my darndest to make this blog happen!

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